Stitching Slump

I haven’t been stitching much the last couple of weeks, so have had nothing interesting to post.  I did have a little finish last night:


Victoria Sampler Summer Biscornu Free Design

I finished this for the contest being held in the Victoria Sampler Yahoo Discussion Group.  Thea published the pattern then invited people to stitch their own version.  There are some beautiful entries already and I added mine to the contest album this morning.  I’m happy with how it turned out, and it is what I envisioned, but honestly feel not worthy to enter up my entry next to the others.  There is a prize being offered, which would be great, but I had a lot of fun picking out colors and thinking about what I wanted to do regardless of any prizes.

I’m feeling a bit in the mood to work on one of my larger projects – maybe Alpine Seasons.  I saw it stitched up and framed at Celebration of Needlwork – it was gorgeous and sparkly with all of the beads and crystals added.  Very inspiring!

I went and saw “Hangover” last night and am still LMAO when I think of certain scenes.

9 thoughts on “Stitching Slump

  1. It is really beautiful Holly – I haven’t gone to look at the other entries, but it is hard to imagine they are any better than yours. 🙂

  2. Holly,

    It looks great! And I say that having seen most of the other entries — everyone is being really creative and you are no exception. I keep hoping to get one done myself because it looks like so much fun, but I think this is going to be tough to judge because people like you seem to be a lot more creative than I feel these days!

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