Pretty Little Scissor Case

I’ve been working on this cute little scissorcase in the evenings and finally finished it up last night!

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This was a kit given by Julie Norton during the Round Robins at Celebration of Needlework.  It is stitched on 22 count pale pink fabric with DMC.  I don’ t think I’ve ever worked on anything lower than a 25 fabric count, but this unknown fabric was soft and thick and made the over one stitches in the vines a breeze.

The buttons on either side are meant to hold the folded over edge in place, rather than being a fastener of any type…. and since I cut the fabric a bit short on top, the buttons are over the symrana stitches, rather than below them where they’re supposed to be.  I think it looks OK though.  🙂  I finished it with a ladder stitch around the edges.  The kit also came with a leather sheath that fits inside the stitching to protect it from the scissor tip.  What a fun and satisfying stitch!


12 thoughts on “Pretty Little Scissor Case

  1. Holly,

    It looks great! Your fob finish made me finish that, and now your lovely pictures make me want to finish this too. I might have to tuck it into my holiday weekend bag (along with 1/2 a dozen other things, of course!)

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