Answers to Questions – Beaded Edge and Looped Ribbon on Pinkeep

In my last post, I was asked how I made the beaded edge on my name tag…

First backstitch all the way around your stitching, then repeat the backstitch on your backing fabric, which should be the same count of fabric.  I did just a short row to show how this works. On your project you will have backstitched a square all the way around your stitching with the same size backstitched square on your backing fabric.


Next fold your fabric edge along the backstitch so that the fabric edge is along the back side of your stitching. You can finger press the fabric or use an iron to set the fold:


You will do the same with the backing fabric, then hold the two pieces of fabric so that the backstitches line up with each other.  The back of the stitching should be facing the back side of the backing fabric, with the edges of the fabric folded down between the front and back fabric:


Thread a beading needle, then secure the thread behind the fabric and bring your needle up at the beginning of the first backstitch:


Thread your first bead onto the needle, then slide the tip of your needle through the first two backstitches. Do not pierce the fabric:


Thread another bead on and repeat:


Here’s how it will look as you continue along the backstitching:


You can change the look of the beaded seam by beading every other stitch or alternating bead colors with each stitch.

The other question asked was about how I did the ribbon loops on the top of my pinkeeps. I can’t tie a bow to save my life, so what I do is take a length of ribbon and fold it accordian-style between my fingers:


Next, I stick a pin through the loops to hold them together:


Insert the pin into the top edge of the pinkeep. The loops tend to swivel or rotate around the center pin, so I line it up so that the top and bottom loops are on top of each other, then secure in place with an extra pin on either side:


I hope that helps!

8 thoughts on “Answers to Questions – Beaded Edge and Looped Ribbon on Pinkeep

  1. Wow! This really helps me. I’ve read the explanations on how to do these things, but seeing it is so much better! Thank you ever so much.

  2. I learned that nifty beaded edge at Celebration and couldn’t believe how darn easy it was, and how great it looks.

  3. You know… I was looking at this and trying to figure out why the first bead looks a little off… I probably should’ve brought the needle up at the fisrt backsitch on the top piece of fabric.

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