Alpine Seasons Outer Border Progress

Here’s where I am on Alpine Seasons…. still working on that upper left hand quadrant.  My goal is to completely finish this (except for beads) before moving on.  After I finish the upper flower border, there’s two more lines of just straight cross stitch that form the final, outer border.   Now that the backstitched flowers are done, the rest should go pretty quickly.
Normally, I can get a ton of stitching done on Sunday and normally don’t post progress until Sunday night, but I’m driving to Buffalo, NY (@7 hours) for work tomorrow (Sunday) and will be there Monday, and probably drive back home on Tuesday.  I won’t be bringing AS, but I might bring an ornament to work on in the evening.

14 thoughts on “Alpine Seasons Outer Border Progress

  1. It is coming along beautifully, Holly! I got out my chart of Alpine Seasons Garden today, and want to decide on fabric. Can you remind me what fabric you are stitching this on?


  2. love your progress!
    funny…..I live about 40 miles east of Buffalo and my daughter is in college up at SUNY Plattsburgh! (your profile says you live up in the Adirondacks)
    its a small world! have a safe trip…at least the weather will be good!

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