Previously Finished Projects – VS Hearts of America

I just love these little kits…. quick, pretty, and a “featured” stitch in each one.  I’d like to apologize in advance for the fact that these were taken with different cameras, scanners, and lighting conditions, so it’s not a “pretty” post. The finished ornaments were early on in my finishing days and not exactly something that I’d be proud of now, but I was proud of them when I did them…. Hopefully the designs and stitching make up for all that!

I had a goal of stitching one for every state that I’ve lived in… then making ornaments out of them…  I actually did this for my parents – Maine, NY, and Oklahoma.  I still have to finish the Oklahoma ornament for them.



I also stitched Florida as an ornament for my grandparents:


For myself, I need, to restitch NY and Oklahoma, but I’ve stitched the others…  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Indiana.  I lived in Colorado for one summer while doing an internship and am trying to decide if that counts….





8 thoughts on “Previously Finished Projects – VS Hearts of America

  1. They are wonderful! I would vote for including Colorado. But that’s somewhat biased because it’s one of my favorite places, and would love to be lucky enough to live there someday 🙂

  2. Colorado definitely counts – you lived there – it’s not like it was a vacation 🙂

    They’re all lovely – I especially like the Indiana one.

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