Latest Alpine Seasons Progress Pic

I just love love love how this is looking.  Since the last progress pic, I’ve finished mountains and trees and started on the outer borders of the upper left hand corner

on the outer border today and am surprised at how fast it is stitching up.  I guess long straight lines are a welcome break after a big chunk of confetti stitching!  🙂  My goal is to finish this up in 2009, and despite the progress I’ve made so far this year, the end seems a LONG way off.   I keep looking at Jill’s finished Alpine Seasons for inspiration…

I’m enjoying it, and am, for the first time ever, focusing on the process and not being so goal oriented.  Big change for me as far as stitching goes.

This weekend, DBF and I went to Front Porch Music in Valparaiso to see Peter Mayer.  We went with a friend of mine fromwork and had a great time.  Seeing this guy was one of my first dates with DBF and this is the third year and a row that we’ve made the  hour long trip to see him.  He’s a talented song writer and guitar player, and is just charming and interesting to listen to.  I always feel so happy, light, and peaceful when I leave his shows.  Anyhow…  take a look at his web page and see if he’ll be near you any time soon…  a guaranteed great time for $15.  He’s got plenty of footage on you tube, too, for anone interested in hearing him.

I hope everybody had a great weekend…


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