Celebration of Needlework Class Descriptions

OK, so they haven’t published a brochure or schedule  yet, but they ARE posting class descriptions, and even some pictures!  I’ve been studying the classes, thinking about taking at least one, but I cannot make travel plans or anything until I know when classes are going to be.

I am SO EXCITED!!!  Woo hoo!  Who else is going?

I’m working feverishly on both my January ornament and Alpine Seasons.  I only have a few stitches left in each and will be posting updates this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Celebration of Needlework Class Descriptions

  1. Black Beauty Sewing Bag!!!!!!!!! Sure it’s over one on black, but what’s the fun in being able to see what you stitch? lol

    I wish I were going – you’ll just have to have twice the fun for me.

  2. I don’t have “buy-in” from DH yet, and this might be a really busy time for me at work, but I don’t care, I’m going to do all I can to come! 🙂 I’ve been saying “next time, next time” long enough.

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