Eat Pray Love Recipient…

Only one person was interested in Eat Pray Love, so Danielle…. please go to the About Me page and you can e-mail me your address from there.

I have zero stitching progress to share snce my last post… its just been a busy week.

On a stitchy note though, I’ve found a new designer I like – I initially noticed Blue Ribbons Designs because I was drawn to her ornaments in my recent search for 12 ornament patterns. I went to her page, downloaded two more freebie ornaments and started perusing her different designs. So cute!  I’m also watching Vonna’s progress on Peppermint Twist, a Blue Ribbons Design pattern.

The snow is disgusting… it just keeps coming!  I felt especially loved by a couple of coworkers who cleaned off my car Friday…  It made my whole day to walk out of work and find my car ready to get in and drive.  🙂  I’ll have to find a way to pay back the favor… 

I’m off to maybe stitch for an hour before bed time!


5 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love Recipient…

  1. And I know you have to be as cold as we are down here – if not colder….I’m just an ice cube! You know I’ve always thought Blue Ribbon designs were pretty but I never “got into them” until this Peppermint Twist….and like I said in a post…the “squareness” of it all pleases my anal side – for some strange reason…plus can’t you see a whole bunch of little ornaments from it? Biscornus? and more???? I can….. 🙂

  2. Keep warm! I’m sick of the snow, too. I haven’t paid too much attention to the Blue Ribbon Designs until I started seeing them pop up as WIPs in blogs.

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