Lotsa White Stuff

It started snowing on Friday afternoon, snowed all day Saturday, and snowed lightly on and off today….ย  here’s the patio status:

Due to cold miserable weather, I spent a lot of time indoors and interestingly enough the only thing in my needle was NPI 991bb (white)…. here’s the white added to Alpine Seasons:


Unfortunately for me and others who live in my area, there’s another winter storm warning in effect for early next week – with potential for white out conditions. Temperature are predicted to plummet below zero… I predict more thermostat wars with the guy I share an office with…. fortunately I have a space heater under my desk…

My reading has suffered horribly over the last year… I finally just finished a book that I started in SEPTEMBER. I normally read a little before bed, which makes progress through books slow. Anyway, I just finished reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was good, and funny enough that I LOLed while reading… it was given to me by a friend and now I’m ready to pass it on…. Sooo, if you’re interested in receiving my copy, leave a comment and I’ll do a drawing on Wednesday (Jan 14).

This weekend I picked up a copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer…. I wasn’t really interested in this series until I heard that two of my closest friends have read the series and liked them… I was looking for something not-too-challenging to read, that would suck me in, and this seems to be fitting the bill so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope all of you are getting lots of stitching done… as it says on the lovely pincusion next to my stitching spot, “Count Your Blessings Cross Your Stitches.”


5 thoughts on “Lotsa White Stuff

  1. Wow, Alpine Seasons is looking fabulous – lots of progress! ๐Ÿ™‚ We were just barely touched by the latest snow-storm, but didn’t get nearly as much as you did – just 3-4 inches. So we lucked out this time – I’ve seen my share of snow for this winter though I think just the same!

  2. I also enjoyed Eat Pray Love and definitely LOLed in spots. It’s a good read.

    I am SO SICK of the snow. We seem to just be getting hammered day after day. I’ve lost track of how much we have gotten so far.

    Alpine Seasons looks great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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