I celebrated my 38th birthday last week with cards from friends, special treatment from DBF, and a visit from my friend Susan.

Susan visited me last weekend and brought me some lovely gifts:


I love everything – what a wonderful gift in a pretty little bag! She also brough a mini carrot cake (my favorite), which didn’t live long enough to make it into the photo. :p We went out to lunch and stitched at my house and had a lovely day.  I’ve always wanted a friend who I could stitch with, and Susan fits the bill perfectly!

DBF gave me an electric blanket (I LOVE IT!!!), an origami kit (expect to see pics in the future), the Rachel Ray vegetarian cook book and the Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging.  He also treated me to a lovely meal at Indigo, a newer restaurant I’ve wanted to try.  This is easily the finest restaurant in Elkhart County… a wonderful menu, excellent service, and live jazz.  Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, all of the tables had the cutest candle holders – maybe a sea urchen?

All in all – a great birthday!


8 thoughts on “38!!!

  1. I had fun – it *is* nice to have a stitching friend living nearby! If you’re going to celebrate your birthday next year with Missy Ann, I think we’ll need a bigger cake!

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