WIP Pics

I thought I’d post some WIP pics….

Here is M Designs Letter “H”.  I hadn’t actually planned to stitch on this anytime soon, but went to a stitching GTG, hosted by the fabulous Kelly, and saw her letter H and became inspired!  This is on cream linen, stitched with “Mulberry” Caron Waterlilies:


Next is one side of the Sweetheart Tree Holiday Holly Biscornu…


Although I’m enjoying stitching it, I remember now why I hate this kind of fabric (raw linen with gold sparkle, which didn’t show up in the pic)… it makes counting, especially those eyelets hard to get right the first time. The result is pretty tho! I’m thinking of making this one into an ornament after finishing as a biscornu. I’m imagining a beaded hanger. 🙂

I’m suffering a bit of post-GTG depression! 🙂 I had such a wonderful time with some of my favorite stitching friends and Kelly was a wonderful hostess… she had a yummy spread of for lunch and was kind enough to provide small gifts for those of us who attended. I can’t wait for the next GTG with these wonderful ladies.

I hope all of my American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “WIP Pics

  1. I just love those Sweetheart Tree biscornus – they are so delicate! Even though the fabric on this one is a PIA, I’m sure the finished result will be worth it!

    I agree with you – Kelly is fabulous, and she’s a wonderful host!

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