I am SOOO not ready for this!


I took this picture last night!  It was like 20 degrees here today!  Traction control blinked on my dash on the way to work this morning!!!!  Its too early for this!  I hope my fellow midwest/Indiana stitchers didn’t have to wake up to this today!

In other news, I bought plane tickets for the week of Christmas to go visit my parents in Oklahoma.  It turns out that business is so slow that my company is closing our plant down for the whole week.  Nice, as I’d like the extra time off, but not so nice because even though I’m salaried, I’m not getting paid for the week.  Anyway, I’m leaving Saturday and coming home on Christmas Eve so I can spend Christmas with my DBF and not leave him home alone as he doesn’t have the time off to go with me.

I’m sorely tempted while I’m there to take a day and drive to The Silver Needle in Tulsa – it’s a good 3 hour drive tho.  We’ll see how my plans work out while I’m there…

Right now I’m stitching the Holiday Holly Sweetheart Tree Biscornu kit.  I haven’t been super motivated to come home from work and stitch, so its going pretty slowly.  I’m going to a stitching GTG this weekend tho, and hopefully will make some decent progress!

7 thoughts on “I am SOOO not ready for this!

  1. That’s just great…you’re hogging all the snow! ;o)

    The Silver Needle is so totally worth a three hour drive…as long as you stop by and pick up your BFF Sharon (me) on the way!

  2. We got just a smidge here in the Waukesha area, Milwaukee got a bit more being closer to the lake. I think we need a rule about no snow at LEAST until after Thanksgiving!

  3. Oooh, Holly, keep that nasty white stuff away! Brrrr! We had 22F here in Nashvegas this morning and that is just much, much too cold for this southern gal! I swear my blood is frozen. I could never again live where there is a much of the white stuff. it’s pretty to look at if you get to sit in front of the fire with a cuppa and a book, but not so much if you have to drive anywhere! Love the other biscornu from Sweetheart Tree. Look forward to seeing the next one!

  4. I’ve already questioned my sanity in my recent move back to the “snow belt”…

    I’m glad that you decided to go to OK to see your parents around Christmas time. I think you should go to the Silver Needle while you are there – 3 hours is nothing, and when are you going to be so close again?

    Looking forward to the weekend!

  5. Man, if it snowed like that here, it would shut down the city! To think that is your *first* early dose of it!! It looks like it makes for a cozy night indoors though. Tater seems to be quite interested in it, too!

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