My First Biscornu!!!

I’m so excited!!!  I’ve wanted to try stitching and finishing a biscornu for quite some time now, but hadn’t really found any smallish square patterns that I wanted to stitch….   So in the Sweetheart Tree booth at Celebration of Needlework, I saw the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu kit!



I had a lot of fun doing the finishing until Saturday night at about 8:00 when I ran out of the beads used along the edging… I was about 6 beads short. Hobby Lobby was already closed, and the two LNS in the area that I normally visit are closed on Sunday.

I finally remembered that Erica’s Craft and Sewing Center is normally open for a couple of hours on Sunday. I went there today and found that they had one pack of the beads left! I was surprised to find that they have lots and lots of Mill Hill Beads, considering that they are primarly a quilting store with a very small cross stitch section. Anyway, I got my beads and was able to finish up this afternoon.

I’m totally thrilled with it and after DBF did the appropriate amount of admiration for my handiwork, he commented that I should’ve stuffed it with catnip….  um no.

So, I’m totally ready to finish another one of these kits… I can choose from the Holly kit, the Shamrock kit, and the Cat Lover’s kit…..

14 thoughts on “My First Biscornu!!!

  1. I have this kit in my stash. Seeing yours makes me want to start! I love the way you modified the back to suit you. It turned out so beautiful~great work, Holly!

  2. You did a beautiful job on this biscornu! Thanks ever so much for sharing the pics of your finished piece! What color/count of fabric did you chose to stitch it on?

    As for beads in a quilting store, quite a number of quilters love to embellish their quilts with beads & the like. I prefer to simply piece my quilt tops & will most likely pass on adding any beads, but I’ll never say never! *grin*

    And I’ll cast my vote for the next biscornu to be the Shamrock one! I love shamrocks! Happy Stitching All!

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