Where Stitchers Gather Progress Update

Here is the latest – today i’m just showing my progress since the last picture (see two posts below…)
Funny how he spokes on the spider roses are showing in the picture – you can’t see them IRL…

Anyhow, I’ve got to add some beads and some other little details and this will be finished and ready for finishing.  For me, finishing this as a pocket is going to be a challenge!  My primary concern is attaching the lining fabric, but the directions in the leaflet are pretty good.  Hopefully ‘ll find some time this weekend to work on that.  I’ll post again when its fully finished.

Next up on my project list is a biscornu kit from the Sweetheart Tree and starting the class project from Celebration of Needlework.


6 thoughts on “Where Stitchers Gather Progress Update

  1. It’s gorgeous Holly. I also feel like such an idiot because I just asked you in an email what you’re gong to start next – completely forgetting that you had already told me you were going to start the biscornu!

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