Mini Stitching Slump

I finished my SBEBB Autumn House exchange last weekend and got it off in the mail on Tuesday.  It’s going a long long way, and I’m hoping it arrives shortly!  It’s hard for me to be happy with a finish and not be able to post it!

Anyway, I haven’t picked up any stitching since.  My evenings after work have been all about sleep and not about stitching.  I’ve been cuddling up with the pink afghan my mom made for me when I was little and taking naps on the couch just about every evening.  I just know, though, that when I pull out Where Stitchers Gather again, I’ll be hooked… that is so fun to stitch!  I should go and get it out right away…

I’ve also been looking for a couple of OOP charts.  I’m seriously searching for Margaret Sherry’s “Crafty Cat” from the June 2003 edition of Cross Stitcher (UK).  I saw this on Sharon’s blog and it looks so much like my Mia kitty that I really want to stitch it!  (Scroll down on her page and check out her very organized stitching area!)  In my search, I also came across another Margaret Sherry design called “Cuddly Cats” on a blog that came up in my google search called Cross Stitch Crazy….  totally looks like my two kitties, but you’d rarely see them in this pose…  I’ve searched google and ebay with no luck….  Of course, its not like I’m lacking things to stitch right now, but those charts are just so cute! 

Anyway, I hope to be back soon with pics of my received Autumn House exchange and some decent progress on Where Stitchers Gather….


2 thoughts on “Mini Stitching Slump

  1. I’ll keep my eye out for the magazine for you! The cuddley cats design is from one of her freebie calendars that come with the magazine…I’ll have to check to see which one (when I find the time!) BTW ~ thanks for the blog plug!

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