Finished Project of the Week – Victoria Sampler Summer Dreams

Here is the next installment of “Finished Project of the Week.”  In these posts, I highlight a project finished prior to when i started blogging.

I adore this design – Victoria Sampler Summer Dreams!

Isn’t this gorgeous?


The colors are a little less muted IRL than they look here.

I stitched this as a wedding sampler for some friends and honestly had a very hard time giving it away.  I love the whitework, the soft, muted peach and green colors, and that beautiful wreath filled with ribbon roses and sparkly beads.  This is easily one of my all time favorite designs and fully intend to stitch it for myself someday…. not necessarily as a wedding sampler, but maybe a birth sampler, or just a plain band sampler.  I already have ordered an additional accessory pack.

I also really like the way the framing turned out in this one.  You can’t see it in the picture, but the white mat is actually embossed with really wonderful leaf pattern.  I understand this particular mat has been discontinued and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find it somewhere on the web when I’m ready to frame the version I’ll stitch for myself.

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6 thoughts on “Finished Project of the Week – Victoria Sampler Summer Dreams

  1. It’s stunning, Holly. I’ve stitched the fall one myself (as a wedding sampler for my sister), and I have the chart for the winter one. I love the colors in this piece – I can totally understand you not wanting to give it away!

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