Finished Project of the Week: Indigo Rose Desiderata

Here is the next installment of “Finished Project of the Week.”  In these posts, I highlight a project finished prior to when I started blogging.

This is Indigo Rose Desiderata.  I’ve always loved this poem and saw this online somewhere and HAD TO HAVE IT.  One it arrived I opened the chartpack and was immediately intimidated by the pages and pages of speciality stitches when I’d only done cross stitch before.  I kind of put it away and wondered if I’d ever be able to stitch it.

A few years later,  I started doing Victoria SamplerBeyond Cross Stitch Kits to learn new stitches and hardanger.  It wasn’t long before I saw the Desiderata in my stash, and bolstered with confidence from the BCS kits, ordered a big piece of fabric and got to work.  This actually took me several years to complete, and my big piece of fabric turned out not to be big enough, so the bottom hardanger band had to be modified to fit.

I had this framed a a local shop.  This picture is what it looked like when I got it home.  As you can see, the fabric is a little wonky up at the top, distorting the box around the “G” at the beginning of the poem.  Since it had been laced, I took the backing off and straightened it out and now it looks great and is hanging in a hallway.


The poem is a little hard to read here, but if you’re not familiar with it, you can go here (then scroll down) to read it.

As always, thanks for visiting!


21 thoughts on “Finished Project of the Week: Indigo Rose Desiderata

  1. This is a beautiful piece. Inspiring as I’m in the planning stages and don’t know what medium I’m going to use to put this poem in place of honor in my home.Well done!

  2. Are you interested in selling me the pattern? I have been searching for it for ages. The poem was my grandmother’s favourite, and as she died in January just after her 100th birthday, I would love to stitch it as a tribute to her.
    I have even tried to buy the chart from the designer but she has retired and liquidated all stock. The only online company that I have found that has it in stock will not send to Australia, and all efforts by a friend in the US to get it for me have failed. They company will not even return emails, and I have read bad reviews of them, so no wonder we are having problems with them.

    Cheers, Judy

    • Ha, Judy! I saw your post after I left mine. If you ever got you hands on a copy of the Desiderata Sampler by Indigo Rose & want to share, I’m eager to negotiate. We sister stitchers gotta stick together!! 🙂 !!!

  3. Is there a remote possibility you may still have the chart and willing to sell it? Any consideration truly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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