WIP Progress Pics

I haven’t posted a progress picture of Alpine Seasons for over a month.  (click to be taken to last progress pic)  Here’s the latest:


I’ve just started to work on the mountain scenery in the upper left hand corner. The blues and purples in the outermost octagon border seem a little off with colors in the rest of the design, but I think there’s going to be so much green above this that it’ll blend in. 🙂

Next is M Designs Alphabet letter “H:”


As you can see, not much progress! I’m using “Mulberry” Waterlilies silk on 32 count cream linen.  This is my vacation take-along piece and I didn’t do much stitching on my last vacation. I’ll take on my next vacation to Portland, OR in September. It’s a good one to work on if I feel like stitching but don’t feel like getting out a larger project.

A few nights ago I had a dream about Little House Needleworks’ Thread Gathering…. I might start that one up soon.  I want to do the House of a Needlworker one more, but don’t have the crescent colors I need yet. Sounds like a good excuse to visit House of Stitches once I’m able to.  I may check Needle Nest (no web page) to see if they carry Crescent Colors, as it’s significantly closer.  They have an incredible variety of fibers there.

I’m recovering from my surgery. Tomorrow is the two week anniversary and I expect to be cleared to go back to work sometime later in the week. It feels like a lot longer than two weeks…  All of the swelling has gone away and I’ve actually managed to lose 10 pounds.  I guess you use up a lot of calories healing…  Whatever the reason, I’ll take it, especially after inexplicably gaining 3 pounds after my action filled vacation earlier in the month.


11 thoughts on “WIP Progress Pics

  1. Alpine Seasons is looking lovely!

    As for Home of a Needleworker – given the current cost of gas, maybe it would be worthwhile sending an e-mail to HOS, asking them to send you the Crescent Colours that you need for that piece – that way, you don’t have to wait, and can start it in the next couple of days!

  2. I love how your Alpine Seasons is coming along – I think pink is my favorite color fabric for this design. 🙂 Hope your healing process continues quickly and easily.

  3. I love how Alpine Seasons is coming along! I really, really want to start mine, but won’t be able to for quite awhile. I second what Susan said about calling and having the fibres sent to you. I find myself doing that more often now, as the price of gas makes my bi-weekly LNS trips impossible to continue. Now I go once every 6 to 8 weeks, and in between times have them mail things I must have right away.

    Did I mention I really want to start my Alping Seasons!!!!

  4. Holly, I have nominated your for the Brilliante Blogger Award because your blog and your stitching inspire me. Please stop by my blog to pick up your award.


  5. Holly, I’m glad you’re feeling a little better and stitching up a storm! Your piece is gorgeous and it will certainly be stunning when completed. As for the Crescent Colors, I know that Jan/Needle Nest doesn’t carry them, but Linda/HOS will drop them in the mail to you! Chrissy and I are thinking about starting a phone tree for stitchers within driving distance of HOS so that we can pick things up when we venture over. I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Yahoo! Congrats on all the stitching accomplishment, AND the weight loss! You should get some sort of reward for all that trouble, huh? 😉

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