Victim of Blog and GTG Enabling

Hmmmm in the last week, I’ve received a Little House Needleworks chart from friend (see post below), and ordered “Thread Gathering,” “Snowflakes,” and “Season of Plenty” and all crescent colors required for the above. I’m normally not a big stash hoarder, so even though this is not a problem financially, I’m putting myself on a shopping hiatus… at least until I finish something…  I’ve been the victim of blog and GTG enabling!
I am back in the thick of it at work. Isn’t it funny how when you get back to work after a vacation and catch up on your e-mail, you feel like you never left? In my case, I had boundless energy while on vacation, but now that I’m back to work, I come home tired and exhausted every night after 10 hour work day and have goals like:

  • Cook real food instead of heating up frozen stuff
  • Do not fall asleep on the couch after dinner
  • Wash and dry hair before going to bed so I can sleep later in the morning
  • Try to get outside for at least an hour after work

I haven’t even wanted to stitch since I’ve been home!  DBF says he starts worrying about me when I don’t do much stitching!  (He’s so cool… he even likes to go to House of Stitches with me!)  I’ll probably make some decent progress this weekend (we are expecting rain) and hopefully next week.

I found out that a RAK was received this week and made someone’s day – which is great as that’s the point to begin with. 😀




5 thoughts on “Victim of Blog and GTG Enabling

  1. {{{hugs}}} – I hope you get back into the swing of things soon!

    As far as washing and drying your hair at night – do what I do – I don’t bother drying my hair most of the summer – I just wash it, and leave the house with wet hair. I put it up in a barette, and forget it for the rest of the day.

    I’m glad that your RAK was received, and appreciated!

  2. You will enjoy stitching this piece. I stitched it a few weeks ago (you saw it at the get together) and it was a nice change of pace and stitched up rather quickly.

    As to drying your hair, I leave the house with wet hair also, but I have figured out where to aim the blowers in my car, and in the 20 minutes it takes to drive to work, my hair gets dried.

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