I Have The Nicest Friends!

Today I got home from work and found an envelope from my friend Susan. Through e-mails with her earlier in the day, I’d found out that she sent me something that she knew was on my list of designs to purchase. So, it wasn’t a total surprise… the big surprise was the generosity and kindness.  She sent Little House Needleworks’ “Home of a Needleworker (Too).”

I just love the little house in the bottom part of the H!  Honestly I think I love the original version of this design just as much as this one!  I’ve recently become a fan of Little House Needlework designs (I have a couple more on order!) and this was such a perfect pick-me-up to help me shake my post-vacation-depression.  Plus, it was perfectly timed to show up on my first day back to work.  😀

What nice friends I have!  Thank you Susan!

Tonight I printed out the upper left quadrant of Alpine Seasons and will be set to start on that soon.  I’m hoping to entice a friend to do a stitch-along with me on this piece to keep our progress moving forward.


6 thoughts on “I Have The Nicest Friends!

  1. What a great gift!! I already finished Alpine Seasons so I won’t be stitching-along with you, but I can offer you some encouragement anyway! You can do it! It’s a big piece, but it’s SO beautiful when it’s done!!

  2. I, too, will be watching for your Alpine Seasons progress. I hope to have this one kitted up by Christmas with a start soon afterwards. If I can get some of my current projects finished before then.

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