Wonderful Vacation

We got back from our fabulous vacation to upstate NY today.  We were very busy and active, plus spent a lot of time visiting with my parents, who are fun, and the rest of my extended family.  We arrived late in the afternoon on Saturday during a torrential downpour, did some grocery shopping, and settled in at the camp.  I guess I should explain that any cabin or structure in the Adirondack mountains, that is not a primary residence is referred to as “The Camp.”  In our case, “The Camp” refers to a house that we were staying in located on Lake George.

We arrived late on Saturday afternoon in a torrential downpour, did some grocery shopping, and generally settled in at the camp.


Me, DBF, and my father attempted to summit Roger’s Rock following a path that started behind the camp and using advice from my uncle, who lives next to the camp.  We had a lovely hike, but never quite found the top of the mountain.  After showering and having lunch, DBF and I headed off to Burlington, VT to have a look around.  We visited Church Street, which is a cute little street with lots of shops…


My favorite shop of all (that’s not me in the pic):


Somehow, I managed to get out of this store with exactly three white chocolate truffles.   Following our look around, I followed the recommendation of a friend to have dinner at American Flatbread– the yummiest flatbread pizza that I’ve ever had.

We walked around the Lake Champlain waterfront and looked around….  We were both really impressed with Burlington – seemed to be a clean, progressive city and also home to the University of Vermont.  I’ve included a picture of the only thing I did not like about Burlington….  some people think gargoyles are cool, I think they are creepy….



We attempted the Rogers Rock path a second time and finally made it to the top!  Amazing views of Lake George!  Totally worth it!


We spent the rest of this day visiting my grandparents.


We got up early and headed back to Vermont, this time to Stowe to do a canoe trip.  UMAIK did a great job organizing and it was a nice trip.  After we were out of the water, we had lunch in Stowe, then went on a pretty nifty glider trip from the Stowe Airport.  The pilot did a couple of banked turns and I seriously thought I would get sick, but managed to keep lunch down.  It provided some pretty amazing views of the Green Mountains in Vermont and the Adirondacks in NY, plus the town of Stowe itself.

While in Stowe, we also rented some bikes and rode the Stowe “Rec Path.”  A nice trail also recommended by above mentioned friend.


We decided to go back to Burlington and bike the path that we scoped out earlier in the week.  I have to say that this is the most wonderful bike path I’ve ever experienced… the Island Line Trail.  We had a good bike rental experience from Local Motion (totally non-profit) where we were outfitted with some nice three speed bikes and helmets.  The absolute best part of this path was along a narrow strip of land that consisted only of the bike trail itself.   Beautiful views, awesome trail….  we biked around 21 miles.  We were so hungry when we were finished that we cleaned up and went and had more flatbread pizza….  Highly recommended!


The trail:


Mountain and lake views from the trail:


The end of the trail:



Thursday morning DBF and I got up and hiked to the top of Cook Mountain.  What a tough hike!  There was a sign at the beginning of the trail that said “0.9 miles – 825 feet elevation gain.”  Wow.. short but very very steep with a rocky, rough trail.  The view from the top was another amazing view of Lake George.  Unfortunately it was a hazy day and the pics didn’t turn out very well.  The rest of the day was rainy, so we hung around at the camp and played cards through most of the afternoon with my family.  We play a game called “Pitch” – lots of fun.


Fourth of July!  We started the morning with yet another hike… this time to Lost Pond.  We picked an easy hike to recover from the long bike ride and tough hike.  It was a short and easy, but very nice hike to a beautiful, pristine pond.

The view:


Check out the water clarity:


We went to the annual parade in Ticonderoga (near Lake George, and my home town), which was quite disappointing and not quite as good as the parades of years past. We went for a boat ride on Lake George with my aunt and had a cookout with my mother’s side of the family.  Dad, DBF and I walked downtown to watch the fireworks. The display was surprisingly good for such a small town and just when it seemed to be building up to the finale, there was an explosion where they were setting off the fireworks! One main explosion sent more explosives into the crowd, where it went off and injured somewhere from 3-5 people. Most injures were minor, but one of the people who was setting off the fireworks was cut and burned and airlifted to a Burlington hospital. Needless to say… at that point, the fireworks were over and no big finale. I’m just glad that more people weren’t hurt. Here’s the news story for anyone interested: WPTZ.com

One of the best things about the vacation was the wonderful view from the camp of Lake George…  we got up every morning and had coffee and breakfast on the porch and watched the lake.  We had lunch and dinners on the porch and entertained visitors there also:


As far as stitching goes… I got very little done. I brought M Designs Letter H and maybe put in about 25 stitches total… I’ll post a progress pic once I have more to show.


9 thoughts on “Wonderful Vacation

  1. Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic vacation! I’m so jealous and so ready for my vacation – only 7 more weeks to go. 🙂

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