I’m leaving tomorrow for a week of vacation.  I’m visiting upstate NY, where my parents and I have rented a camp on Lake George.  So, we’ll be doing lots of outdoor stuff and visiting with my grandparents and other relatives.

Of course, I’ve started a small travel project to take along with me.  I’ll be stitching M Designs Celtic Letter “H”.  I started it last weekend and did a little more last night. I’m using waterlilies on this, and am trying to think about how I want the color changes to flow… I’ve kind of figured out most of what directions I’ll stitch in.  I’m sure I’ll be happy with it regardless as I like the design and the colors I’m using.  Anyway this makes a good travel project as I only have to carry around one skein of floss with me.  I think this will keep me plenty busy.

I have done a bit more of the border on Alpine Seasons.  I’m pretty certain that when I finish this section, I’m going to work on the mountain scenery in the upper left hand corner.  I really like doing the geometric borders and I can see that I might burn out on the mountain stuff as it looks like some pretty heavy counting.  I figure the next section of fun border can be my reward for finishing a section of mountains.  I took this approach when I did TW’s English Garden Welcome, except the center part was my reward for all of the confetti and backstitching in the rose border:


Teresa Wentzler’s English Garden Welcome

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good week and a nice holiday weekend….


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