Yesterday I mailed in my registration for the Celebration of Needlework in Louisville.  I’ve never been to anything like this, so I’m really looking forward to it.  Susan and I are going to take Friday off work and head down early in the morning.  We’re signed up for an event on Friday night and a class on Saturday afternoon.  The rest of the time will be spent stitching, checking out the market, and hopefully meeting up with other stitchers that we know from online.  I am soooo looking forward to it!

Back of the stitchers pocket…

Victoria Sampler has released the Mystic Needlework Smalls leaflet, which I adore.  That Biscornu is to die for!  I’ve never seen one done with hardanger and I want that to be the first biscornu I attempt.  I also love the stitchers pocket.  I think this will be next on my list of yummies to add to my stash.  This could be the piece that causes my stash storage area to overflow, as its pretty much packed to the brim.

I have a little plastic 3 drawer chest for my stash.  The top drawer is filled with fabric and my watchmaker bead cases, the second drawer is filled with charts and magazines, and the third drawer is where all of my DMC, silks, and other fibers live.  I also have VS accessory packs in that drawer for all of the VS charts on my list of things to stitch.  Additionally, I have a plastic box (which was the original home of ALL of my stash) that now houses all of my q-snaps, hoops, and other various stitching accessories.

I know that this is modest compared to some other stash collections I’ve seen in my lifetime, but I am not a “collector” and only buy things that I fully intend to stitch and usually allow myself to buy any needed materials (fabric, beads, fibers) that I may need for what is already in my stash so that I can start any of them on a whim if the mood strikes me.

I got rid of most of my no-longer-needed stash (previously stitched charts) at the GTG last weekend but had a few things leftover that are free to a good home….Victoria Sampler Green Earth and Crimson Fire leaflets.  Crimson Fire is discontinued, so the link is to my slightly modified version on my webshots page.  If you’re interested in either chart, let me know and I’ll pop it in the mail to you.


7 thoughts on “Celebration…..

  1. That is pretty, Holly! If I wasn’t so intimidated about Hardanger, I might consider purchasing it!

    Do we need to have a blog counter to count down the days to Celebrations? LOL – I can’t wait, either!

  2. I SO want to go to this…I really, REALLY do….I’ve been trying to talk my husband in to it, but since I work weekends and have 4 kids….that makes weekends sort of tight…BUT you never know…

  3. Louisville is a great town! You will have a great time! I was there in 2006 for the Transplant Games. Make sure you go downtown to the 4th street live area. Lots of great restaurants! Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  4. I used to do business in Louisville and agree with the other stitchers that it’s a lovely place. As for your stash…it sounds like you’ve got a system that works for you, so brava! You’ve really tempted me with this new pic. Methinks it might have to go on my House of Stitches wish list!

  5. I claim that I only buy things I fully intend to stitch as well…it’s just that I’m not at all realistic in my expectations. I agree I *love* that biscornu!! Have a fabulous time on vacation!

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