Altoids Tin Finish!


This pattern is “Good Friends Name Tag” – a freebie from the Victoria Sampler website.  I started it Friday night and finished the stitching up during the GTG Saturday afternoon.

To finish this, I glued a piece of batting directly to the tin, trimmed up the fabric and glued it to the edges of the lid.  Once it dried, I glued the ribbon around the sides of the lid.  I’m actually surprised it turned out so well as I approached it as a learning experience… I might do some things differently next time, but for my first try, I’m happy with it. 😀


7 thoughts on “Altoids Tin Finish!

  1. Oh my gosh, Holly, this is beautiful! I’ve wanted to do a tin forever but haven’t been brave enough to try. Good for you! Your GTG sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Holly,
    Your tin is beautiful! I am in love with the design and the colors! I recently started looking at people’s blogs after going to the Monthly Finishing Challenge site which did tin covers in June. I never thought to do one, but am eager to try. Yours is just lovely. I can’t believe how many different ways there are to use counted cross stitch. By the way – I’m from Upstate NY and much of my husband’s family live in Indiana (Kokomo) and my husband went to school at IU.

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