Weekend Stitching Progress

After a Saturday morning visit to House of Stitches, I decided I was really in the mood to make some major stitching progress. We were busy most of Saturday, but I stayed up late stitching, then Sunday I was actually grateful for the rainy and stormy weather, because it was the perfect excuse to pop in a couple of chick-flicks and stitch the afternoon away while DBF was off doing Father’s Day stuff with his son.

So…. Here’s what I did. I’m 1/ 4 of the way finished with the border that goes around the inner section of Alpine Seasons. I just love the way this looks and geometric stuff is so nice to stitch because once you get a pattern laid down, you don’t have to use the chart as much and you make some quick progress. I just love the Rhodes stitches in the top and the brighter colors on the diagonal. This will alternate all the way around.


Right now, I’m trying to decide if I should branch out in this corner to the mountain stitching that will be next, or if I should go ahead and finish the border. I’m thinking about doing the mountains, just so I can start to get a feel for what this is going to look like when its finished. I would need to do one more section of border before I can get started on that, so we’ll see how I feel when I get to that point. This will be 18″ x 18″ when finished, so I’ve got plenty of stitching to go! I’m having fun with it though, so I’m glad I picked it up again instead of starting something new.

For anyone who’s not familiar with this project, visit the Chatelaine website for a pic of this, as well as many other of Martina Weber’s gorgeous designs.  I’ve been eyeing the Alhambra Garden, but have been resisting the urges of my clicky finger… mmm…. I digress….

ANYWAY, my intent right now is to work on this exclusively up until I go on vacation in early July. Sometime between now and then I need to find more of a travel-sized piece to kit up and take with me. Stitching in airports and planes definitely makes for quicker travel time.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Stitching Progress

  1. Oh, the border is lovely! I know exactly what you mean about clicky fingers…I have Misty Morning Vineyard in my to-stitch pile and I am barely resisting the urge to start. I already have three good-sized WIP so I really don’t need another monster on-the-go!

    I love stitching in airports! It seems everyone else is grouchy and bored and there I am; happy & busy.

  2. It’s beautiful, Holly. You are making such great progress! I’m sorry I missed you at HOS, but I’m looking forward to seeing you this coming Saturday.

  3. Oh, Holly, your piece is so pretty! I’ve lusted over the chart a few times, but your results are making me think I should probably get this one in my stash! Lovely….just lovely.

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