Happy Father’s Day!


Here are just a few thoughts about my father:

  • Always provided a roof, a warm bed, and three daily meals for his family. I never appreciated this until I grew up and had to provide those things for myself…
  • Gave me the Heimlich maneuver at a mill picnic when I was a teenager and choking
  • Brought home magazines for me when I was home sick from school
  • Took me and my sister ice skating and kite flying on weekends… probably providing a much-needed break for my mother
  • Worked full time and went to night school, but I never remember him not being there for us
  • Spent countless hours of his free time tutoring me in long division and algebra
  • Saved his family from bats that somehow found their way into the old farmhouse where we lived
  • Drove me around the country for three summers in a row so that I could do college internships.  We drove to Seattle WA, Longview WA, and Denver CO. Those are some of my best memories of him
  • Countless other things

Thanks Dad, for all of those things you did, and still do for me today.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and Mom in a couple of weeks.  😀



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