I’ve Been Tagged

Boo Hoo!!!!  I’ve somehow managed to delete my last WIP post and all of the lovely comments left!  I’m so sad!!

So a couple of days ago, I was reading Kirsten’s Blog and her answers to a meme.  I asked my friend Susan, what is a tag, what is a meme, etc.  So later in the day, I see that Kirsten has updated her post and tagged me!  How weird is that??

Where were you 10 years ago?  Hmmm… 1998… I was in Vancouver Washington, married for 4 years and had been 3 years in my first home.  I was working as a technical writer, loving my job, loving my life, living the dream.  Little did I know I was within a year of everything unraveling…  I’m over it though, and happy with my life now!

Five things on your to do list for today.  It’s almost 9:00 pm, so how about my list for tomorrow?  Pretty boring, actually, just a bunch of work tasks, really. I would like to get out for a nice bike ride after work tomorrow though.

Snack foods I like.  I’m mainly into the salty snacks… potato chips, popcorn (98% fat free “smart pop” in the 100 calorie bag).  Chocolate is always good tho!  The healither stuff includes roasted almonds, any sort of fruit (OMG it’s almost peach season!!!!).

If I were a billionaire.  Build a modest, but very well done house on a lake somewhere, gift my family, travel and find some great causes to donate to.

Places I’ve lived.  I’ll qualify this as saying that neither me nor my parents are in the military.  I’ve just moved around a lot!  This is pretty much in order…  Schenectady NY, Hudson Falls NY, Ticonderoga NY, Idabel OK, Norman OK, Seattle WA, Longview WA, Denver CO, Portland OR, Vancouver WA, La Center WA, Liberty Lake WA, Hayden ID, Coeur d’Alene ID, Elkhart IN, South Bend IN.  Hmmm where to next?  I’d love to move back to the Portland/Vancouver area or back to my roots in upstate NY.

I’m not sure how I feel about being tagged, so I’m not tagging anyone in return…. just inviting those interested to copy and paste the questions into their blog!

Tomorrow is Friday!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged

  1. Your Alpine Seasons is looking great!! I looked through your earlier posts (I’m at home so the pictures aren’t blocked by the firewall) and I really like the scissor pocket you made!! I’ll definitely be checking your blog from home more often so I can enjoy the photos. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that you accidentally deleted your post – I’ve done that before, too. You’re making great progress on Alpine Seasons – it was wonderful to see it in person a couple of months ago. Are you going to bring it to the GTG next weekend to show it off?

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