I Love Scrabble!

My passion for Scrabble began the summer before my senior year of high school.  My family had moved from upstate New York to Oklahoma and my father’s company put us up in a hotel for a couple of months while we waited for the closing on our house.  The novelty of my five member family in two adjoining rooms of a Holiday Inn wore off pretty quickly.  We got a scrabble board and started playing by the pool.

I’ve loved it every since.  When I was married, my husband and I would frequently play.  I’ll admit that he was a better player than me.  I usually played cooler words, but he was good at placing high point tiles in strategic places on the board.  I got better, and even though he still usually beat me, many of our games came down to 10 points or less and games hinged on what was left on your rack when the other player used their tiles up.

I’ve become a collector of Scrabble boards too… Its a very small collection, but I do have trouble deciding which version of the game I should play…. 😀

I’m lucky enough that DBF also enjoys Scrabble and we are pretty evenly matched.  About a year ago I got Super Scrabble, which truly is super!  You get twice as many tiles, and the game board is larger with quadruple word and letter score tiles!  It’s so fun and you can get some really high point plays and games.

My kitty Mia loves it when we play too….



2 thoughts on “I Love Scrabble!

  1. I LOVE scrabble too!!! My Mom and Aunt (her sister) would play and play…as we got older, I can remember playing underneath our maple trees in the summer…one particular memory is of my Aunt and I playing I was 16 and it was summer time and that Pebo Bryson song was playing on the radio and it started raining hard…but we were under the maple tree and it sheltered us and we continued to play….as everyone else ran for cover….cool memory and one that I like to think about, now that my Aunt is gone. Brings a smile to my face, we had a very tight connection with each other…and it’s a good memory! Thanks for helping me to remember it today 😀

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