The Wonderful Online Stitching Community

The Mailman Has Been Kind… This was the original title I had in mind for this post… but I decided the on above was more appropriate…

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered an extra Mystic Retreat class pack from Victoria Sampler. I got an e-mail a little later on saying that the person before me had gotten the last available pack, but that the leaflet would be released in July – not a problem. I just loved all of the stitching accessories with their sea-side theme and was eager to stitch them, but I had enough to work on that I could wait until July…

Later in the day, I got another message from Cathy at VS saying they thought they had one more available…. Then another message later saying that she was mistaken and that she was going to send me a “tiny gift” to compensate for my “emotional upheaval.”  😀

None of this was a problem at all – I just planned to pick up the leaflet after it was released.

So a couple of days later, I receive a package from VS that had a nice note, printed copy of the “Serena” angel ornament, available on the VS website, along with the accessory pack for the design! What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! The people at VS have always been great with customer service, but I thought this small gesture was over the top!

I had shared this story with my friend Susan…. I went home today during my lunch break to find the leaflet for VS’s “Where Stitchers Gather” waiting for me. This is another VS release featuring stitching accessories! How thoughtful of her! How lucky for me! Two items from my favorite designer in less than a week!

In other news… Kim (Cymberleah) was drawn from the people who expressed interest in DBF’s potholders! Kim – send me a Yuku message with your address…

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