DBF Saved The Day… Twice

Saturday we hung around in our PJ’s until noon… managed to shower and get dressed… then hung around more with me stitching and him solving Sudoku puzzles.  The weather was gorgeous outside…  around 3:00 we decided that we had to do something and he suggested going to Saugatuck, Michigan, walking around town, having dinner, then going for a late afternoon hike at Saugatuck Dunes State Park.  What a great idea!  This was his first “save of the day” by thinking of something fun to do instead of wasting the rest of the day inside.

Saugatuck is about 90 miles from home and is on the east side of Lake Michigan.  It has the feel of a sea-side town with lots of artsy, upscale shops and restaurants.  We walked around town a bit and settled on a nice place for dinner and were seated overlooking the water.  We had a nice meal and headed out to the park.

The goal was to hike to where we could see Lake Michigan, but we didn’t quite make it in time to get back to the car before dark.  We actually ended up hiking out of the park (a literal labrynth of unmarked trails through the forest and over sandy dunes) and ended up at a back road.  We headed back and about 5 minutes later decided to stop for a water break.  I untied my favorite windbreaker from my waist and hung it on a tree.  We headed back to the car, and about half way back, I realized that I’d left my jacket and there wasn’t really enough time before sunset to go back for it.  I was dismayed as I’ve had this jacket for years and it is perfect for soooo many occasions.  DBF said we’d drive around until we found the road near where we took the break and find the jacket….

So after a couple of wrong turns and general confusion, we managed to find our way back to the car and headed out in search of my jacket.  DBF, with his great sense of direction, managed to find the exact spot on a back road near where we’d stopped for our break.  He told me to lock myself in the car and he set out at a light jog through the woods and disappeared from sight.  About 5 minutes later, he showed up again, carrying my jacket!  I was so thrilled and happy to see my jacket again that I told him he was like a superhero!

I didn’t end up with any good trail pictures from our hike.  We decided to do it again when we had enough time to get to the lake and I’ll post pictures next time we do that hike.


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