Alyssum Scissor Pocket Finish!

I finally finished up this project this afternoon.  It is my second project meant to improve my finishing skills and I’m pretty happy with it.  I changed the closure by adding a loop and button.  I stitched this on platinum belfast using waterlilies “peacock” silk floss.



Opened Front:




Side Stitching Detail:


I used #12 perle cotton in a color that matched the fabric for the finishing work instead of the overdye. I wasn’t totally confident in my ability to do the finishing well, and I figured the matching perle would hide any mistakes better than using the silk. 😀

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any 4″ scissors… which this project was designed for.  Sounds like a good reason for me to do some scissor shopping…..

A while back, DBF and I were talking about making those little potholders that we all did as kids.  He told me that he used to make them and sell them door to door “15 cents a piece, or two for a quarter.”   The image that formed in my mind of this was so cute that I found one of those little looms and bags of multicolored loops and surprised him with it.  Some nights when I’m stitching, he’ll pull out his loom and go to work!  I know its considered to be a kid’s craft, but he really enjoys it and makes some really cool patterns!


I don’t really have a need for this many potholders, so if you’d like a beautifully crafted potholder, post with a description of your favorte and location in the picture.  I’ll randomly draw a name later in the week and the winner will receive the potholder of their choice in the mail!

Update:  Kim (Cymberleah) won the potholder give away!

9 thoughts on “Alyssum Scissor Pocket Finish!

  1. I love the scissor pocket and even have a pair of 4″ scissors that would go in there very nicely! lol

    Neat dishcloths! I knit them but I’m sure doing them on a loom is a lot quicker.

  2. Your scissor pocket looks wonderful. We didn’t learn how to make potholders in school. Those are neat patterns. I love the purple one in the top row. 🙂 That’s so nice that you two do crafts together. I think its really sweet.

  3. The pot holders are cute Holly. Sorry to you DBF but I don’t need any either. He’ll have to start going to craft fairs or something.

  4. I love, love, love the woven one in the middle right of the middle row. There’s quite a few of them I like, but that one I was coveting even before you enticed me with talk of a giveaway!

  5. Congratulations on the beautiful stitching, and the lovely finish!

    I’d be happy to receive any of the potholders – I don’t use them much, but they are cute!

  6. Your scissor pocket turned out awesome; you’d never know it was your first on! I love the floss color you used…it is SOOO beautiful; unfortunately I am allergic to silk!

    Love your DH’s potholders…I like the red & green one on the bottom row!

  7. Congratulations on your finish. It is beautiful!
    I’m cracking up at the potholders. My daughters make them, but they are not as fancy as those. He’s actually got some mad skillz with that loom! 😀

  8. HI,
    I love the colors you chose in the scissor pocket!
    Funny you should mention about the potholders. I used to make potholders like your DBF and my kids made them, too. Recently I was thinking how stained mine were, so I soaked them in some bleach solution and the colors all faded!! I toyed with getting a loom and making some myself, but haven’t gotten around to it. I would love any one but the red and green – though that’s my favorite pattern! Your patterns are really terrific. Keep up the good work! You can come to my door and sell them! I’ll take 4 for fifty cents!!! LOL! Are the loops nylon or cotton? I think the cotton tends to be more heat resistant.

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