Memorial Day Weekend

We were fortunate to have gorgeous weather for the long weekend…  sunny and in the 70s.  I’d really wanted to be active and outdoors a lot and I think we accomplished that!  I’m a little worn out, but am happy that we took advantage of the time off.  I did manage to get some stitching time in too.

Saturday we went canoeing on the St. Joe River from Bristol to Elkhart.  We talked DBF’s son into going with us and had a nice time.  DBF and I have been canoeing before, up in Michigan, and have decided that was a nicer river and a better outfit that we rented from, but we still had fun.  Below are pics of the river, as well as the canoe we rented:



Sunday, DBF and I went on a 13 mile bike ride at the East Race Waterway in South Bend.  The east race also features the first artificial whitewater course in the United States.  They also hold whitewater competitions for kayaks and have even held tryouts for the olympics there.  We also rode around on the Holy Cross and St. Mary’s college campuses – both of which are located very close to Notre Dame.  St. Mary’s has a nice nature trail through the woods that was suitable for biking.

Sunday afternoon we went to a baseball banquet for DBF’s son.  They talked about the season (the JV team was undefeated), then gave out certificates and talked about each player’s performance.  DBF’s son plays second and third base and had the second highest batting average for the team.

Monday was also a lot of fun.  We decided to go hiking at Love Creek County Park in Michigan.  This is about an hour from where we live and is a nice park with a nature center.  There is a network of several trails that take you though woods and fields… there are actual hills.  This is something to celebrate when hiking in this area, which is mostly flat.  Anyway, the trails are all really well-kept and clearly marked, along with maps that you can pick up to take with you on the hike.  There’s lots of flowers blooming right now – it was a really nice way to finish up the long weekend.  It wasn’t very busy this weekend and we didn’t see any other people for the 4+ miles that we hiked.


Love Creek – Picture taken from a bridge on the trail…

The path…
Trail marker – There are also trails in the park that are marked specifically as suitable for mountain bikes…

Finally…. celebrating Memorial Day in rural Michigan:


We honked….


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Great pictures! It definitely looks like you had a nice, active weekend. I might have to convince K. & E. to go canoing with me – it looks like fun, although I’m paranoid about tipping the canoe over!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I went canoeing with my oldest daughter a few years ago on a Girl Scout trip. Yikes. We had fun, but I was sore for a long time after that!

    I spent my long weekend sitting on my butt. LOL

  3. Glad you had such a nice Memorial Day weekend. 🙂 The scissor pocket you are working on is the same one I’m doing! I’m doing mine in pink tones though! 🙂 You’ll have to bring it to the GTG so we can compare.

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