Alyssum Scissor Pocket Progress

I’ve been working away at my Allysum Scissor Pocket. Instead of using the included Dinky Dye, I pulled some Caron Waterlillies “Peacock” out of my stash and went to work on a piece of Belfast Platinum.


While I’m quite happy with the color combination, it wasn’t really what I had in mind when I went to pull some fabric.

I was quite dismayed to find that my stash of neutral colored 32 counts had dwindled to basically the piece of platinum that I used! I’ve been spoiled by having access to whatever fabric I might want in my stash for several years. I immediately had to inventory my fabric stash. I’ve got tons of 28 count, but again, not in the neutral colors I most commonly stitch on. I placed orders for 6 fat quarters of linen in white, smoky pearl, and platinum. I also picked up some cream belfast and lambswool at a lunch time trip to my local Hobby Lobby. I’d like to stock up on my favorite lugana evenweaves too, but that can wait. I also went through and weeded out some colors that I know I will probably never use… a couple of pinks and some really dark colored jewel tones. I separated them out and will bring them with me to the June 21 Chicago GTG (we’re doing a swap meet) and use them for RAKs.

Speaking of stash, I am quite please to learn that Silkweaver is going to start up their regular Fabric of the Month again soon. A couple of years ago they went to only hand-dyed fabrics, which are beautiful, but for the price and variety available, I’d rather buy something like that when I have a particular design in mind. I’ve done their FOTMs before, and they do such a good job as far as letting you choose what types of fabric you receive and also making sure that you don’t get any repeats of what they’ve sent you before. I may sign up for that once they get going again.

So I’m headed off into the long holiday weekend with no definite plans. We have a couple of cook-out type invitations, the promise of nice weather, and other possibilities like biking, canoeing, or hiking. Of course, DBF has his son for the weekend and those weekends tend to be subject to his son’s athletic and social schedule, which changes moment to moment and makes planning anything pretty much impossible since DBF needs to drive him around.

4 thoughts on “Alyssum Scissor Pocket Progress

  1. Have a good weekend! We don’t have much planned here either. We did go to Egdefield tonight though, and there was an awesome thunder and lightning storm here worthy of yours you get back east! 🙂

  2. I hope you’re enjoying a nice weekend!

    Your scissor pocket is coming along nicely! I was inspired with your talk of stocking up on fat quarters that I paid a visit to HOS with E. yesterday, and in addition to buying a lot of stuff I probably didn’t need, I bought 4 fat quarters of Jobelan in a variety of colors.

    I can’t wait for the GTG!

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