Les Miserables!


DBF and I went to see Les Miserables on Saturday.  It was wonderful!  This is my favorite book, and this was the fourth time I’ve seen the musical.  The first three were the full production touring company shows – twice in Portland, OR and once in Grand Rapids, MI. 


Saturday’s show was at the Mariott Lincolnshire Theater, just outside of Chicago. This is a very small theater and the seating is 360 degrees around a center stage.  There was no rotating floor and the “sets” were very scaled down, but the music and the acting was top notch and just as moving and powerful as the bigger shows I’ve seen in the past.  The creativity in how they did the scenes was actually pretty interesting.  Anyway, if you are in the Chicago area I’d recommend it.  I think the last show is on Mother’s Day.


On the way to Chicago (it’s around a 2 hour drive), we stopped at House of Stitches where I picked up some charms that I ordered and DBF picked out a chart of the Chicago skyline that he’d like me to stitch for him.  He appreciates my stitching so much – maybe because his father did a lot of stitching when he was younger.  After the show, we met up with DBF’s brother and sister-in-law.  We hung around their place, then went out for dinner at Nancy’s Pizza.  It was good company and good food and we got home around midnight. 


Sunday was pretty laid back.  DBF was doing some volunteer canvassing for Obama, and even offered to do the grocery shopping, and I stayed home and stitched.  I tend to get a little obsessive when I get close to a new finish on a large piece.  I just have another couple of hours to put in and it will be finished.  Honestly, I had time to finish it last night, but my eyes were just too tired and after hours of wrapping divided bars and partial greek crosses… I’d just had enough for one day!


I’m not sure what I’ll be working on next, but it’ll probably be something small as I’ve been inspired to work on my finishing skills by looking at others’ blog posts.


Speaking of campaigning, our primary is tomorrow and I’ll be voting.  I’m hoping that by the end of tomorrow, we’ll have a clear candidate for the democratic nomination…


3 thoughts on “Les Miserables!

  1. I think it’s wishful thinking that you’ll have a clear candidate for the democratic nomination tomorrow – I think both of them are going to be in it right up until the convention. 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great time seeing Les Miserables, and that it wasn’t a disappointment being in a smaller theater.

  2. Okay, so you’ve officially seen Les Mis MORE times than I’ve seen Wicked! LOL… You know, there’s an official “Wicked Day” in NYC the last weekend of October every year…hmmm….also my birthday! 😉

    Well, it looks like Hillary’s still hanging in…I don’t blame her, although I do wish we had a clear nominee…BUT, how can she quit, when she’s just *barely* losing?? I mean, that would be like being down by 6 points in the 4th quarter of an NBA championship game, and having the losing team just give up. I feel for her. I feel like they are both great candidates, with different strenghts, and I would be thrilled with either one of them! =)

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