Hardanger Cutting Error and How I Fixed It!

Snip… Snip… Snip… Snip…. Uh oh!

I am at the final section of my beautiful Victoria Sampler Heirloom Family Sampler and I make a cutting error.  Not only did I cut one thread that I shouldn’t have, but I cut FOUR! Now, if this had been the first thing I did on this sampler, I probably would’ve scrapped it and started again… but this is the last and final band, so I was motivated to fix it!

I’ve done this before and I know it can be fixed.  I decided to document my repair here for all others who make the mistake of watching TV while cutting for hardanger….

The big boo boo… this picture shows the mistake.  I had already started working on this before I started to take pictures. I’d removed the kloster blocks to the left and the bottom of the algerian eye. I took the long threads that were incorrectly cut, pulled them to the back, and secured the long threads under the kloster to the right of the algerian eye.


Next, I pulled a horizontal thread from the bottom of my fabric, threaded it onto my needle, then secured it to the back of the fabric and prepared to reweave the missing thread.


This picture shows the position of the needle for reweaving:


Next, I insert the needle into to the fabric on the left by carefully positioning the tip of my needle between two threads on the long kloster:


I weave back to the right and secure the thread into the still woven part of the fabric that is to the bottom right of the algerian eye, then repeat until all four threads are woven back in. The picture I took for this step didn’t turn out very well, so I left it out. Here’s a pic of the rewoven threads, with some extra fuzz on the threads that I removed later:


I re-stitched the previously removed klosters:


Here is the final result, with the rewoven bars wrapped:


Believe it or not, the rewoven threads are very well secured and I wrapped them just as I would if they hadn’t been cut.

So… the moral of the story… hardanger errors can be fixed!

My next post will show the completed piece….


5 thoughts on “Hardanger Cutting Error and How I Fixed It!

  1. The possibility of a cutting error is why I don’t do more hardanger – imagine spending months working on something, only to screw it up at the very end! I’m glad that you were able to fix it; great pictures and description!

  2. You go girl! I probably would have removed the entire horizontal thread and rewoven the whole thing! And Susan, now you know two of us that can fix hardanger…we’ve got you covered! =)

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