Tea and Candles

Well, we did go on a really fun bike ride last night. I forgot how much I really enjoy it! It was nice and a lot of it followed a river where there were swans and otters. I’ll have to bring my camera next time! Most of my previous adult riding was in the Northwest (Washington and Idaho), where you are dealing with a lot of hills. Biking is the one of the only things that Indiana’s flatness is good for! There are some hilly areas around that we might travel to. Anyway, we are both definitely suffering with the bottom-soreness that comes with the first couple of rides of the season. That will get better though.

I’ve taken a mini-hiatus from stitching, but got back into it again last night after dinner. The next band on my was a hemstitching one, and I wasn’t feeling motivated to do any reweaving. However, I persevered and got that done last night. 😀 I’m actually really looking forward to doing the hardanger on this one.

I have a couple of other hobby/craft like things that I like to do, and one of them is making candles! Below are some pictures of my early candle-making efforts. I like all of them, but these are molded candles.





I’ve found that I like candles mostly for the scents available and the flame, so I’ve moved to making primarily container candles. They are much easier to do well and definitely take less time. My favorite jars are the half-pint wide mouth canning jars. The size and ease make them great for gift giving – mostly during the holidays.

My initial interest in candle making came when L’Occitaine stopped making my absolute favorite mint bergamot scented candles. I love Earl Grey tea, and bergamot oil is what gives it that nice fragrance. Shortly after they were discontinued, a friend asked me if I wanted to do a candle class with her. They had wonderful bergamot scented oil, which I bought after the class. The next time I went in for more… I was told that the company had discontinued that fragrance! I’ve been searching for a comparable substitute, and most of what I tried had an artificial smell or didn’t smell like bergamot at all! I did find a good supplier eventually though and once again my home is happily scented with bergamot.

Speaking of tea, I’ve found a brand that I really like. Numi’s Aged Earl Grey has little pieces of the actual bergamot fruit in their teabags, in addition to the oil. Stash makes a nice Double Bergamot Earl Grey too. Of course, there are always my old standbys – Celestial Seasonings Peppermint, Chamomile, and Sleepytime.


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