Even though only a small percentage of trees actually have buds, it finally feels l like spring here in Northern Indiana!

Yesterday we performed a typical spring activity and visited a bike shop.  DBF wanted to buy a bike so that we could go biking together.  I have a “hybrid” bike that I got a couple of years ago.  A hybrid is a combination of the comfort of a mountain bike with gearing and weight more like road bike.  These bikes are meant for paved bike trails or light gravel.  We had wonderful service by our local bike shop and felt good that we were supporting a local business that sold bikes made in the USA rather than a mega-store selling bikes made in China and put together by people who don’t know much about bikes.  DBF ended up with a beautiful Trek bike. I’m a fan of trek bikes, and I’m sure we’ll look very suburban and cute with our color coordinated bikes, but I, in no way, influenced his bike decision. He rode several around Elkhart’s Island Park before he decided. 😀

We did some internet research and found some wonderful bike paths within an hour or two of where we live.  I think we are going to visit the Pumpkinvine trail today, which we’ve walked on before.  The developed part of that trail is pretty short, but hooks into the slightly longer Maple City Greenway.  We also found some much longer trails in Michigan that we’ll visit on future weekends.  Another fun prospect is driving to Chicago and biking along their wonderful Waterfront Bike Path!

Yesterday we also had a chance to visit with Susan and her son, who were visiting the area.  We met at Das Duchman Essenhaus for dinner.  We had a nice dinner and even nicer dessert!  They have 29 different varieties of pies made in their bake shop.  That bake shop is a very dangerous place!


2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. You’re much more energetic than I am. LOL We keep saying every year that we should get bikes but so far have failed to even go to the bike shop to check them out. LOL

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