Something New and Future Vacation

At my weekend shopping trip, I picked up M Designs Winter Getaway (scroll down designers page to see it).  I was actually searching for a different design and came across this one.  I have an affinity for trees and snowflakes and that design has both.  I also love the little house in the center and the star and moon beads.  I’d love to start it, but have committed to finish the Heirloom Family Tree before I start anything new. 

I am counting down the days until my vacation.  I haven’t had a vacation day since last July when Rich and I went to Alaska (best vacation ever!).  We are meeting my parents and staying at a camp on Lake George in Upstate NY, near my home town.  I haven’t seen my family since last July, so I’m looking forward to it. 

The camp:

and… the view!

Of course, these pictures were taken on a dreary winter day earlier in the year, and the lake appears semi-frozen and doesn’t look very appealing right now, but it’ll be beautiful in July. 😀

I’ve always fantasized about living on a lake, and I love this lake as its the one I grew up on.  Right now, I have a view of a larger-sized, natural pond through the sliding glass doors, and that does the trick for now.  Canadian geese and ducks swim around during the summer and it won’t be long before I have to stop the car for the lines of little goslings and ducklings following their mother to the pond.

Anyway, we have some hiking that we plan to do while on vacation and I’ve been working on the stairmaster for the last couple of months in preparation.  What I really need to be doing is preparing my feet for some long walks, however I hurt my left foot about a month ago and limiting my walking to every day type stuff until the end of April.  Then have two months left to work up to longer walks.


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