Works In Progress

Both of these have been in the works for at least 2 years… maybe longer.  These are my two large projects… when I get tired of working on them, I’ll switch between them, or start and finish another smaller project.

Here is Victoria Sampler’s Heirloom Family Sampler.  I’m pretty close to finishing this one, and will probably work on it until its finished.  This isn’t the greatest picture (click on the link to see a better picture!), and doesn’t show the colors very well, but it gives a good idea of my progress:


The other WIP is Chatelaine’s Alpine Seasons.   I last worked on this over the holidays and burned out on the backstitched flowers…  There’s just a few more flowers to stitch before I can move onto the next section:



5 thoughts on “Works In Progress

  1. Alpine Seasons is gorgeous! So is the VS, but I’ve worked a Chatelaine before and I know how those are!!

    Welcome to blogland – I like your colors!!!

  2. Hol,
    I just went to chatelaine’s web. I just love Alpine Seasons, it is sooo!
    beautiful. I looked at all the others. I like Kathy”s Violets, Just incase you
    need something to do.

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