My Most Recent Finishes

This morning I got around to updating my Webshots page with my latest finishes and WIPs and I wanted to share.

This first pic is Teresa Wentzler’s Miniature Autumn Sampler.  This is my absolute favorite finish ever.  Fall is my favorite season and I love leaf images… these multicolored maple leaves are what attracted me to this chart:


This is my most recent finish – stitched for DBF, who is a fan of pigs.  I think this one needs to be a fridge magnet!


And finally…  The 2004 Mirabilia Cherub.  I actually finished this one sometime last spring, but just now got around to taking a picture of it.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this one yet

Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “My Most Recent Finishes

  1. I love all your work. I like the Autumn one, and the Alpine Seasons. We just love the anniversary one that you made us. The family tree is just as nice,
    may be more so. I could not deside which one I like best. I wish my eyes were good enough to try stiching. I’ll just have to stick to my knitting and crocheting.


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